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6.4kWH/48125 Lithium-Ion Battery

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Household energy storage battery 48V 100Ah 48V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery pack telecommunication base
Advantage of LiFePO4 battery system for UPS Solution and Database room

batteries come standard with between 80-100% DoD offering up to 7800 cycles @ 80% DoD or 8500 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge which = 21+ years of daily use.
why use gel batteries that only give you 2000 cycles @ 80% DoD or Lead-acid/AGM that give you even less? the worst part, you can easily damage them by overcharge & undercharge.
lithium-Ion batteries come with a built-in battery management system/computer that monitors each cell, controls each cell’s voltage and charge, cuts off charge when full or too low or voltage too high/low.
you can connect them to your computer and monitor each stage of the batteries as well as set up operating parameters to help best maintain them and increase your value in the investment.
if you are planning to go solar, then Lithium is the way to go and this special is your advantage to get the best for less!
batteries have a wider operating temperature
range (-30-55°C) and a recharge efficiency exceeding 98%,
compared to other carbon-based batteries.
n Li-Titanate batteries as long cycle life: > 3000-7000
Our batteries are high security, high stability.
batteries are faster to charge than other
lithium-ion batteries. Data shows that these batteries can be
safely charged at rates higher than 10C.
n Li-Titanate batteries are green & eco-friendly.
applications: Ideal for High Rate and High Cycle Life
because of the benefits of lithium titanate in terms of high security,
high stability, long life, and green features, lithium titanate
nbatteries can be widely used in military, aerospace, electric
nvehicles and charging stations, tourist coaches, yachts, wind and
nsolar energy storage power, traffic signals, solar hybrid street
nlighting, UPS power supply, home storage, coal, disaster relief
nemergency, weather radar, electricity, smart grid, communication
nbase stations, hospitals, finance, telecommunications as well as
nsystem critical backup power systems.

3 reviews for 6.4kWH/48125 Lithium-Ion Battery

  1. Boston Johanna

    This is an awesome battery unit, was skeptical about the delivery.
    Staff assured me and i received the parcel.
    good service

  2. Pieter E

    This was not my first order online,obviously i was worried about the delivery and the product.
    i spoke to the sales team and they helped,the only issue was the delay in response.
    i received my order

  3. Jacobs Johan

    I had almost lost hope in online shopping for solar products. I really needed my system to be up and running. I took the risk and placed my order immediately I received communication and got my Waybill. Was able to track my order until it arrived.
    I only had a problem with the network interruption from my remote location.
    Overall good service

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